As much as I love Whitesnake I appreciate this new album and will be purchasing it for sure but I would love to hear some of the older Bernie Marsden era songs too. More than anything else, he lets his soul lead the way. Altogether, it was a year of glorious surprises and traditions that haven’t outgrown their welcome and never will. Sad though that is, this is still a great tracklist . Shotgun Sawyer "Thunderchief" (Full Album) 2016 Country: USA / Genres: Stoner/Heavy Blues Rock Tracklist: 1. I sure hope the blues version is noticeably different than the love version (which is great). The collection also includes “If You Want Me,” a studio recording released in 2006 as a bonus track on the live album, Live…in the Shadows of the Blues. Everything works to some degree, but King’s vocal chops are more vividly on display when things slow down as they do on ‘Wildflowers and Wine’ and the soulful ‘One Day She’s Here.’. A truly memorable effort. Just a little food for thought before you fully retire. Not that sheer technical mastery is the only tool in his shed. John Mayer is deep into blues-rock now and prepared for his fans an album made in full accordance with this genre. For now, their 2020 release We Fly Free is a good, but not fully great album. But Copeland has recently turned forty and her voice shows all of the gravity and none of the rust of a blues elder statesman. Critic Score. on to new stuff? The album’s closer, ‘Rock and Roll for the soul’ is just that. Pingback: Whitesnake to release ‘The Blues Album’ consisting of remixed and remastered tracks on February 19th |, Obrigado meu Deus. It also doesn’t hurt that the band’s leader (also its singer and chief songwriter) has the shredding skills that guitarists of all ages would understandably envy. We Fly Free When Rivers Meet 2020 $1.80. David please sort. Don’t let the title of Jeremiah Johnson’s latest album fool you. We also learn that the wounds of his upbringing, far from killing his spirit, has fueled it. And the album’s other highlight is the soft, slow ‘Rambling Blues.’ Much more than a platform of musical skills, this album reminds us how dark, dangerous and reckless the genre can become when done right. But somehow Zito’s blues make us feel better. 77. critic score (8) 68. user score (23) Lucinda Williams. Joe Bonamassa’s credentials are well known to any fan of the blues — especially those whose tastes revolve around tasty guitar work. The album closer, ’Father’s Day,’ is a heartwarming song that wins the listener over completely. Albert Collins: Ice Pickin’ (Alligator, 1978) Born Albert Gene Drewery in Texas and nicknamed “The … Blues rock can be characterized by bluesy improvisation, the twelve-bar blues, extended boogie jams typically focused on the electric guitar player, and often a heavier, riff-oriented sound and feel to the songs than found in typical Chicago-style blues.Blues rock bands "borrow[ed] the idea of an instrumental combo and loud amplification from rock & roll". If the late Frank Bey isn’t familiar to you, the opening (and title) track of his final album serves as a fine introduction. Known as ‘The King of Slydeco,’ Mississippi-born, Louisiana-reared guitar legend Sonny Landreth is the rare blues musician who truly sounds like no one else. So it doesn’t take a Gypsy soothsayer to announce this new album by guitarist and vocalist John Primer & harmonica master Bob Corritore is a top notch effort. Born in the unlikely city of Paris, France at a time (1965) when the blues seemed to be in commercial decline, Bernard Allison may not have been the blues hero we were expecting, but if his latest album is any indication, he’s on a mission to prove himself capable of the job. A strong opening track has a way of steamrolling the listener into submission. Another strong example is the dance track ‘Sweep the Shack.’ It’s a simple tale about a man who’s eager to finish his day of work to get back into the arms of his beloved. As euphoric and full of joy as its title would imply, Iguana’s Chicago Spectacular! The same could be said of ‘Watch Your Back,’ a darker form of satire than ‘Zombies,’ but also clever and salient enough to the album the color it needs. Take care guys. By Martine Ehrenclou. Looking forward to hearing how different this remix of Give Me All Your Love sounds from the Rock album one, Pingback: Whitesnake's 'The Blues Album' compilation to be released in February - The Legends, Pingback: Whitesnake's 'The Blues Album' compilation to be released in February – Seacoast Oldies, Pingback: Whitesnake’s ‘The Blues Album’ compilation to be released in February – 96.1 WGUY, Anyone that is disappointed by the omission of songs from early Whitesnake must understand that David doesn’t own the rights to the songs pre Slide It In. Quarantine blues is about a good world feeling bad. With guest vocalists Chris Cote and Michelle Wilson, Blues Bash is as much fun as you’d expect an album called Blues Bash to be. and Freddie) continue to inspire him. The result is a searing collection of tunes that each carve their way into the listener’s soul in a dazzlingly different way. UK needs a bloody good sing song. DC doesn’t own the rights to the early Whitesnake recordings; only the stuff from ’84 till now. Like The ROCK Album and LOVE SONGS, all the tracks on THE BLUES ALBUM have been revisited, remixed, and remastered. 1 review. ‘Lady Day and John Coltrane’ pays homage to a pair of jazz greats in the most stylish way imaginable, combing jazz and the blues with a maturity you may have forgotten was possible in the blues. Straight To You: Live. Combining hip-hop with the blues is something a fair number of artists have dabbled in over the years, but G Love and his band Special Sauce, have made it a career for over two decades. These People Talk Show 2020 $0.60. If this album is any indication, they’re just getting started. If not, you may want to stay away. Full Album with 1 Hour of guitar blues music video. It will inspire you to live a more full life. 100. If you’ve got a younger blues fan with birthday coming soon, Stand Up would make a lovely gift. AWESOME! What more could you want from a blues album? Disraeli Gears. Fingers crossed? Great idea that as I’m a great fan of that era up-to and including “ Slide it in” Their cover of the Phil Colins 80s hit ‘In the Air Tonight’ will bring a rattle to your bone, but so will almost everything here. Paralyzed 02. If you’re ready to dive into something out of the ordinary, it’s close to a masterpiece. Cheers! I’m overjoyed that Looking for Love, and If You Want Me, are included on this album. Chris Smither may have a better album in him yet, but that’s hard to imagine. If ever there was a bluesman suited for a bare bones recording style, it is Rush. THE BLUES ALBUM is available for pre-order now, and will be available on February 19 digitally and on CD and as a double-LP set pressed on 180-gram, blue vinyl. And the album — like any blues release — does feature its share of downers. It contains the kind of raw, explosive power that any fan of the genre has come to expect, and in addition, it features a danceable bounce that will likely to appeal to fans more geared toward classic R & B. For all his obvious skill as a songwriter, his resonant tenor rattles the soul just as much. Also of note is Give Me All the Love You Got, a surprisingly heartfelt ballad that engages in that age-old blues tradition of begging for a woman’s affection. They belong to the estate of their former manager & Sunburst label. Having spent most of his career as an R&B songwriter (The Ann Peebles hit ‘I can’t stand the Rain’ is his best known song) the 78-year-old from Memphis, Tennessee has also dabbled in releasing vocal albums. His work here is tasty, emotive and, at times, downright chilling. While Jimi Hendrix remains most famous for his hard rock and psychedelic innovations, more than a third of his recordings were blues-oriented. Take me Back does just that. Uncivil War would not have been possible by a less time-tested voice. All Rights Reserved. A listen to ‘You Make Me Feel’ must provoke the listener to ask why he hasn’t released more. Holy Ground The Dead Daisies 2021 $1.65. Jeff Beck. The hard-hitting ‘Lookout man’ best demonstrates how heavily the guitar hero can rock while still remaining true to the blues world. Cream. If there’s a finer blues harpist around these days, he or she must be well-hidden. Having said all that, Dion’s ‘friends’ do a more than capable job of compensating for the weaknesses of the the album’s star. California-born blues guitarist Kirk Fletcher has the kind of soulful, ebullient vocals that make us briefly forget what an extraordinarily gifted guitar whiz he is. Or as one very wise person from a previous comment stated doing reworks of your early albums? Even at his advanced age, he needs little to no enhancement to his sound to shine. Listen to Paste’s Best Rock Albums of 2020 playlist on Spotify here. Self Made Man. Since I started Rock and Blues Muse in December of 2016, I’ve discovered so much outstanding music (blues, blues-rock, rock music, Southern rock, roots music, and … Universe Neal Schon 2020 $2.25. In addition to the buoyant title track, stand outs include the inspirational ‘One Thing Every Day’ and Bey’s stunningly poignant cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine.’ The Georgia-born singer may be gone, but the music he left behind will undoubtedly inspire an army of future blues fans. Picking a favorite would be tough, but the soft ballad ‘Bell Bottom Blues’ (first made famous by Eric Claptain) is nothing short of heartbreaking. G Love’s sound isn’t for everyone, but those who want their blues to go down with a side order of fun would have a hard time finding a better album than The Juice. Born Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz in an orthodox muslim household, the eccentric artist whose stage name is Fantastic Negrito has a sound and musical approach all his own. But ‘blues’ to me is a beautiful word that describes emotional expression… feelings, be it feelings of sadness, loneliness, emptiness… but, also those that express great joy, celebration and dance, sexiness and Love!!!”. Can’t wait thank you!!! The Blues Foundation has moved to a digital platform for recording submissions. I absolutely love the Red and White albums! All told, Royal Tea, is exactly what a fan of Bonamassa has come to expect. Recorded in Memphis by the Idaho born and bred Nemeth, Stronger than Strong engages the listener for all the reasons any great blues album engage the fans. The new compilation delivers a potent mix of hits and deep tracks that originally appeared between 1984 and 2011 on six Whitesnake studio albums and Coverdale’s solo album, Into the Light. 77. critic score (7) 63. user score (12) Blues Pills. Standout tracks include the soulful B.B. But it seems likely that both problems will work themselves out in time. The next time you lament the death of the blues due to the neglect from younger generations, just give a quick listen to Memphis Loud by Victor Wainright and the Train and rejoice. Memphis Loud is not album without flaws. Ждём с нетерпением! KF totally agree. Hence the date period explained in the notes above. Having celebrated thirty years as a band, Ronnie Earl and his Broadcasters have seen more than their share of changing times. When two extraordinary Chicago bluesmen combine efforts, the results are predictably breathtaking. Songs from the Road not only packs extraordinary power, but, as its title suggests, it demonstrates his ability to transfix a crowd with scorching funk-tinged blues. He began as a doo-op singer, peppering the pop charts with such hits as ‘The Wanderer’ and ‘Runaround Sue,’ then moved in the direction of folk with the 1968 smash ‘Abraham, Martin and John.’. Inspired by the current pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, it’s actually, an upbeat plea for us all to ‘calm the hell down’ and ‘have a little faith/ in the human race.’. Until then, this effort will serve as a solid building block for what may someday become a brilliant career. Also vital is Diggin’ Roots with Ron Artis the 2nd. Meanwhile the stunning ballad ‘Crying guitar’ features as gentle and warm a touch as its descriptive title would imply. The Blues Foundation opens the formal submission process on or about July 1st of each year. DC John Mayer, 2009. “Let it Go’ is an almost painful listen. Coverdale also taps his 2000 solo album, Into the Light, for “River Song.”. Newest Blues Rock Albums & Song Releases. The full-voiced tenor has created an album that has its share of weaker moments, but on balance, Take Me Back is a strong work and fine introduction to the fan who’d never before experienced his output. A vintage party that evokes the kind of old-school shindig where you could picture James Dean cutting the rug with Marilyn Monroe. Skvělá trilogie škoda že není i ze starší tvorby whitesnake. For anyone who suspected they were a mere novelty, The Juice provides the most vibrant evidence to the contrary. It’s on the Love album, which I have. The blues-rock giant and two-time Grammy nominated artist, Joe Bonamassa, celebrates his 26 th year in music with his 13th album released in September via J&R Adventures. The Album sizzles most when it charges at full-speed, keeping up with rock and soul, but never leaving the blues behind. Can’t wait! Can’t wait until 2-19-2021. The title track seems to serve as the band’s anthem. Recorded between 1966 and 1970, they feature the master guitarist stretching the boundaries of electric blues in both live and studio settings. Lucifer’s Road (My Baby And Me) I would like to suggest you to raise the cloud funding to buy back your precious masterpieces of the rhythm and blues during the Sunburst years. And the show-stopping closer ‘Slide Master’ makes the listener wonder what a joy it must be to check Allison out live. But then again, strange is a word the listener would likely use a lot when describing Fantasic Negrito. But any listener seeking guitar wizardry would do no better than the wounded ‘Heart so Heavy.’ Clearly, Fletcher wants us to feel every note and with the aid of his stunning technique, we do. Low Cut Connie. Genres: Blues Rock, Electric Blues. September 23, 1970. He began his career backing up Chicago harmonica icon Junior Wells, learning firsthand about playing the blues at the highest possible level. But, the original versions are pretty damn good in their own right. ‘Unemployment Highly Annoyed’ hints that The 48-year-old guitarist/vocalist isn’t a happy man. … For the non-fan, it is also essential — and a likely tool for conversion! English blues band, Savoy Brown has been proving this belief wrong since the mid-sixties. Score. A British blues/rock duo and husband and wife, When Rivers Meet have the kind of frenetic sound that the blues needs. I hope to God DC’s plan for the future includes all remixed and remastered real blues albums…. but you have Good to be Bad??? Standouts include the plaintive Can’t Start Over Again (with Jeff Beck) and ‘What if I Told You’ (with Samantha Fish). The unique voice making the hairs on my neck and arms stand up with excellent songs like Northwinds or Sailing ships would have been great! If you buy it, enjoy at its best, but prepare for a release that doesn’t always stay there. They are raw, unpolished and ragged. Almost all latest releases in one place, each album is available for download in a good quality Them early tunes need some love! Let’s just hope some younger fans can give ‘My Blues Pathway’ a listen and learn the same lesson from him. ‘Romance in the Dark’ is as erotic and romantic as its title suggests while also containing a slice of bitterness. With true respect and admiration for all of these artists and many more who aren’t on … hi david john shields here visiting on web got internet at new apafarfment it will be 2 years in june just got lil box ‘o’ snakes on cd this month no live email 7023456866 mesquite nv if you ever need that love john, Pingback: Whitesnake’s David Coverdale says band may not return to touring until 2022 – 96.1 WGUY, Pingback: Whitesnake's David Coverdale says band may not return to touring until 2022 - The Legends, Copyright © 2016-2020 Whitesnake. Released 26 April 1994 on MCA (catalog no. ‘Have you lost your Mind’ contains elements of rock, funk, hip-hop and jazz. Holy Moly! Oh yes, I’m the one of the Whitesnake quire, and love to hear the new versions of your great songs, but I’m afraid to say that there are some songs in this album should not be categorised as “Blues”. Sure, there’s humor laced in this tale, but we get the feeling Smither means it. Top 20 Blues, Rock, Roots Albums of 2019. November 9, 1970. On this song, Wilson’s harmonica must be heard to be believed. THE BLUES ALBUM is the third and final release in the band’s Red, White and Blues Trilogy, a series of compilations organized by musical themes that began this year with LOVE SONGS (red) and The ROCK Album (white). More surprisingly, the rest of the album sways just as sweetly and gallops just as hard. It’s also on the Into The Light Album, which I have. Any Whitesnake ‘ blues album that does NOT include ‘Ain’t no love in the heart of the city’ ,’Northwinds’,Blindman’ or ‘ Lonely Days,Lonely Nights’…is lamentable( I was expecting so much more range of possible material), You can never have too much Whitesnake or Whitesnake music! Bryant is a rhythm and blues singer who doesn’t leave the blues behind. Uncivil War is a staggeringly ambitious album and because Shemekia Copeland has the skills to see it home, it may be the year’s best blues album. Pure blues and one of your greatest triumphs in my opinion. Much the same can be said of the upbeat Rumblin’ another slice of instrumental sweetness. German heavy blues/stoner rock band Paralyzed presents their second self-titled full-length album, which was just released on January 29, 2021. All in all, Roomful of Blues’ (kind of) self-titled album would be a nice introduction to anyone unfamiliar with the band — or anyone who doubts the sincerity of revival bands. Picking standout tracks is tricky. Among the album’s best tracks are the Howling Wolf cover ‘Smokestack Lightening’ and the surprisingly sensitive ‘Honey Bee, Sail on.’ For the Bobby Rush fan Rawer than Raw is essential. Both lyrically and musically they vow to keep going and going, providing the listener with ample incentive to keep listening and listening. But as any fan of the genre knows, a little dust only makes the blues go down better. Overall, it’s pretty clear that Savoy Brown ain’t done yet. Bluesbreakers with Eric…. Rock blues guitar icon Bonamassa’s 13 th studio album delivers great song-writing, excellent vocal work and, of course, exceptional guitar work, accompanied by a hugely talented, veteran band. Another of the album’s standouts include ‘Rocking in Louisiana.’ Fueled by a swamp-rock attack that Creedence Clearwater Revival would envoy, the track reminds us (as CCR did) that a true fondness for Louisiana blues can live in the hearts of those born and raised elsewhere. Tracklisting: 01. I’m very much looking forward the Blues album. !, Fine, just, fine…but I miss a lot of blues tracks in new mixes like Hungry for love or even Sailing Ships…. In terms of song quality, We Fly Free is uneven. His unique blend of folk and blues could not possibly belong to anyone else and, for anyone unfamiliar with the legend, ‘More From the Levee’ would be a wonderful place to start. Thankfully, Fletcher is happy to remind us again and again with solos that bend that mind as deftly as he bends strings. His voice, guitar and harmonica are enough to shake you to the core. The sheer energy between Primer and Corrimore are enough to create magic. All told, That’s What I Heard is a top notch effort. THE BLUES ALBUM showcases two of the band’s biggest songs: “Slow An’ Easy,” a Top 20 Mainstream Rock hit in 1984 from Whitesnake’s double-platinum album Slide It In, and a BRAND NEW guitar based remix of the smash hit “Give Me All Your Love” from the band’s 1987 self-titled album, which was certified multi multi platinum. ‘Boy Sit Down’ is very much a stand-out track with Change with the Time coming in a close second. At the rate Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters are keeping up with the times, we can expect to hear great music from them for another thirty years — at least. Nearing his 80th birthday, Smither’s voice shows wear, but this isn’t a bad thing. Not to mention Love Hunter or Gambler…. Ghalia Volt One Woman Band Ruf Released 01/29/21; Jeremiah Johnson, Whitney Shay, Ryan Perry Blues Caravan 2020 Ruf Released 01/29/21; Steve Strongman Tired Of Talkin' Private Lives. This CD contains 11 blues originals and covers, eight of which were previously unreleased. Veteran singer/songwriter Dion DiMucci has seen enough dramatic shifts in his career’s direction to last a few lifetimes. Valeu Coverdale. It is weird music that revels in its weirdness. I totally agree that all those songs you mentioned would be incredible if refreshed, remixed, and remastered. Allman Brothers Band: 'At Fillmore East' (1971) After two excellent studio collections of blues-and … Can´t wait for the album to come! The style is instantly recognizable to his fans and likely to promptly convert those who aren’t yet fans.

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