Previous Episode #11 Next Page. The first dialogue to unlock is with your teammate. Unlike everyone else, however, your Candy and teammate have the rest of the list to complete first which includes an object made by man, something shiny, a leaf the size of a hand, an inhabitant of the forest, a print, and an insect. And sit down against that tree there.」, 「Are you coming to sit down {$Pseudo}? Along the way she runs into Iris, who explains how she's bad at math, but has great directional skills and has high hopes of winning the race. -, B. Once they part ways your Candy will see the other boys, and she can choose which one to talk with. After ending up at a dead end, your Candy and her teammate have to go back to the starting spot and she worries they're off to a bad start. =, B. Would you have asked me to participate in the race with you if I hadn’t asked you? Impossible, I’m participating as well! D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet. Amber and her group approach your Candy and insult her about the gym uniform. Most importantly, will you come in first place? of Fairy Gifts You can then start the hunt for the objects! I was a boozer, a user, and a loser. -, A. Aria is still a bachelorette, she has to get married really soon, That's what her parents wants. The day of the orienteering race has arrived! Too bad, I would have liked to participate with you! It was released on November 8, 2012. Fantastic show from start to finish, excellent dialog, fun story and the characters play off each other well. In 2005 and 2006, illegal/unlicensed Candy box sets began to appear. =, A. If there are looking for us they will find us here.」, 「Put that on... you’re capable of catching a cold. Be careful not to get lost with him! I just got here, I don’t know anyone except for the girl with purple hair and you, and I’m a drag with those kind of things. You say you hate the forest when you say you like it... You should make up your mind! The manga itself continued until 1982 (8 years in total -- not the longest running manga, but it`s very close).This story is about a girl, Candy, who is a orphan. MCL-Episode 11 Walkthrough. Your Candy can either disagree and tell him they need to keep looking or she can agree with him. (Throw his jacket back at him). She's then given the option to choose a new partner at the cost of 100AP or to keep her current partner. Download Candy Candy episode 12. I’m going to spend a whole day with you! In the case you officially change your teammate (Dake will take care of it). >_< C. You would not want to part with someone else? 1 Even though the principal is upset about the situation, she was too relieved to give them detention. As they look around an area of the woods that has a tree growing on the side of a small incline near a rock and a small hole, your Candy finds a plastic rabbit in the hole. -, B. I do not play for winning but for having fun! EPISODE 10 EFFECTS THIS EPISODE ALSO. +, B. He is in the staircase. Once they wander a little ways into the forest, your Candy asks her teammate for the map so they can see where to go next. Camp Candy season 3 episode 11 Camp Candy is a summer camp for kids run by John Candy, head counselor, cook, and handyman. We can backtrack, we will surely find something... =. You will need to return and find it if you want to move on to the next step. Now that they have the print, all they need is an insect. She asks why he isn't participating in the race, and Armin replies that since they're new students they had the option to join the race and chose not to. Then you should check out MyAnimeList! I was wondering have you ever been in a serious relationship with a girl. Once you have found all the objects, you can return to see Mr. Faraize to go on to the third and final step. It started slow and silly (so I thought) then the climax... Was OK until it went with an off the rails badly written horror episode. Regarder Sukitte Ii na yo streaming Episode 11 vostfr par shojo candy and co Watch Kid in a Candy Store - Season 2, Episode 11 - Candy Kabobs: Then you should check out MyAnimeList! Release Nonton candy candy bahasa indonesia, download kartun candy candy bahasa indonesia, candy candy subtitle indonesia, candy candy sub indo, candy candy terjemahan indonesia, nonton kartun candy candy rcti, anime lawas candy candy, candy candy kartun 90an, download candy candy sub indo batch, download candy candy subtitle indonesia batch, nonton candy candy episode akhir tamat, komik candy candy … ➜ Objective: Find your teammate for the race. No, not since we were there. -, B. Two abandoned girls, Candy White and Annie, grow up to be the best of friends at Pony's Home - an old church and orphanage run by Miss Pony and Sister Mary. COVER; Rowoon; Ahreum; CH.1 (PART 1) CH.1 (PART 2) CH.1 (FINAL) NEW COVER; CH.2 (PART 1) EXTRA: BOX; CH.2 (PART 2) + ANOUNCEMENT! People actually choose to spend time here? ➜ Objective: Go to the starting area to hear the instructions and start the race! -, A. I was afraid that someone will choice you as a teammate before me. The duo go off to find something to make a print of using the paper and pencil that were provided to them earlier and they decide to make a print of the tree bark of the big tree. See you later! ➜ Objective: Ask the new teacher for a uniform. Action Point estimate Back to School The boys had been out searching for your Candy along with Mr. Faraize while the other students had already gone home. I’m having fun, but nothing extraordinary. He is already in his uniform. No, figure it out yourself like a big girl. There are five places, five letters. Your Candy also sees Melody, who is excited about the race as Iris's partner. No, it’s ok, I can do without. Click on the level you need help with, read the tips, watch the video & complete the level. WEBTOON. =, B. Ah? =, B. Gabe Henry and his son have been sorely missing the female touch over five years now. A. If you don’t make any mistakes, you will win a bit of LOM with your partner on each correct move. Your Candy's teammate will be displeased with Amber's words. When asked if they're participating in the race, they reply that they're sort of participating, but they don't elaborate before leaving. He isn’t participating either, he doesn’t like being outside. If your Candy decides to climb on the rock to see of she can spot anyone, Nathaniel worries she'll hurt herself. ? You can check all apps from the developer of My Candy Love - Episode / Otome game and find 89 alternative apps to My Candy … Nathaniel isn’t so... =, A. It has a feel of slice of life but when the show is over... With beautiful animation, wonderful story telling, and thoughtful themes, this donghua is incredible. Candy Candy originated from a shoujo manga by Mizuki Kyouko and Igarashi Yumiko published in 1974. The time now is 06:48 AM. Do you have any more ridiculous questions like that? It was written and developed by Beemoov. +, B. You need to move around to find an exit until you unlock a final sequence in the episode. Mr. Faraize is surprised at how well they did and he leads them to the location of the third step. He isn’t participating in the race as he just got to school, and is about to go home. -, A. Hello, Episode 11 of Candy (GL) in WEBTOON. The last he saw it was when Amber and her group went through, and your Candy has a feeling she took it to slow down the other participants. Once you have the stamp you need to give it to Mr. Faraize, who is at the beginning of the second step. Nathaniel offers for your Candy to climb onto his back and he carries her as they look for the rest of the class. Both the boys are irritated that Lysander is touching your Candy even after she explains it was because she wanted to touch the deer, but he was making sure she didn't make a mistake. ➜ Objective : Talk to Amber about Mr. Faraize's lost item, just in case... ➜ Objective: Find the stamp hidden in the forest. C. You could have been someone else’s teammate... A. Dynamic Duo Castiel suggests they stop where they are since it's pointless to walk around in circles. If your Candy chooses to try and touch it, Lysander will tell her to wait for it to come to them. While those Ferris wheels and roller coasters might be seen from the distance, everyone knows that a carnival is all about the food treats. Once you are in the courtyard, the principal will explain the specifics of the race. Once she makes her choice, the episode will then begin. Cool then, I was scared that you were bored with me. Be careful, he can get you lost in this forest. You will be able to go on your date only if you choose the correct dialogues (except for Dake, who needs just one right answer). You will have to move around until to see Jade or Dajan, they are here to participate in the race too. Either way, your Candy and her teammate go out to find the stamp once more. B. It’s normal, isn’t it? Your Candy wonders how many people found the plastic rabbit since there were still a lot of them in the hole. Information The first step is about orientation and will be about moving around the forest. The kids participated in all sorts of summer activities, from boating to fishing, and usually something they did reminded John of an experience or story, which John would proceed to relate. This story is about a girl, Candy, who is an orphan. Number You wouldn’t have been mad if I had chosen another boy then? If she chooses to stay with her current partner, Dake will leave and your partner will be grateful. My Candy Love (Package Name: is developed by Beemoov Games and the latest version of My Candy Love - Episode / Otome game 4.6.11 was updated on December 23, 2020. +, C. Funny, cause I’m not that interested in this thing... -, B. I would prefer to stay with the girls, sorry. Episode 16 - Un voyage dans un pays inconnu. Kim is also looking around with Violette, who is feeling unsure about the race because the forest is intimidating. Nathaniel. She had a good friend called Annie. The directions you need to take are different depending on the session. Will you and your teammate pass the different steps? The boring orinteering race has begun! You should find all the teams from your school : Once you have met all the teams, you can meet a boy you met during a previous episode: Dake. The first being from France, included the French and Japanese dialogue. Your Candy then finds the gym teacher, Boris, who is passing out the gym uniforms. You can now start the first part of the race: orientation ! Iris invites your Candy to sit with them, but she decides to explore instead. My Candy Love - Episode / Otome game is in the category of Role Playing. C'est une copie ( vu que les dvds en français ne sont jamais sortis ). Violette tells her the gym teacher is handing them out so they all have the same uniform, so your Candy goes off to get one. This mouth-watering puzzle adventure will instantly quench your thirst for fun. The orinteering race has begun now. As the duo walk near the river, your Candy is able to grab a nugget from the river to finish the finding something shiny objective. If your Candy was teammates with Nathaniel, he apologizes for suggesting they take a shortcut, but your Candy lets him know it's okay. Directed by Claudia Yarmy. She can agree to put on the jacket and sit against the tree or to get angry and throw the jacket back at him. The life of Candy, a little orphan girl, and her friends. -, A. I’ve noticed that about you... ha ha! Download ??? ? The deer starts to go near the duo, but they're distracted when Nathaniel and Castiel arrive. What? Unique candies, more divine matching combinations and challenging game modes brimming with purple soda and fun! The levels in question are levels 141 – 155. Your Candy's partner accidentally lost the map, however, so they'll have to figure out things without it, although navigating without it proves to be difficult. No. No, not since we were there. If you’re stuck on any of the levels, just click on the link and it’ll bring you to the correct article with the tips, images and video. That does not bother me.」, 「In any case, we are lost... What are we going to do now?」, 「Maybe we should backtrack, you might hurt yourself...」, 「You're lively, is it because you know you are going to participate in the race with me?」, 「Are you coming to sit next to me or are you going to leave me be?」, 「...Why did you want to do the race with me?」, 「It’s not really my thing to ask those types of questions.」, 「Yeah, I’m serious! Instead of taking the straight path, however, your Candy's teammate suggests they take a shortcut so they can pass the other team. They sabotage visits from possible future parents in order not to be adopted. -, C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. And? Candy Crush Saga episode 11 includes levels 141 - 155. Do you think the uniform doesn’t look good on me? This is when she meets Kazuki, a young and intriguing man with a disturbing personality. -, A. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. I’m afraid of not having as much fun as we had together. Mr. Faraize then goes to stamp both your Candy's and her teammate's hand to show they made it to the first point, but he can't find the stamp. =, A. Once they get to the objective to find an inhabitant of the forest, your Candy is worried since everyone is having difficulty finding it. Es ist online spielbar und als App erhältlich. Click on the level you need help with, read the tips, watch the video & complete the level. Also, since I didn't like the beginning nor the ending, I think this series is at its sweetest and most enjoyable somewhere down the middle, say episodes 33 to 70 or there about. Statistics My Candy Love - Episode 11 - Lysander I don't claim any ownership over the images or the game My Candy Love. Dynamic Duo is the 11th episode of My Candy Love - High School Life and the 11th episode overall of My Candy Love. of Illustrations Before the episode starts, your Candy is met with ChiNoMimi, who asks your Candy who her partner is for the orientation race. I especially enjoyed the episodes where Candy matured and found her purpose. =, B. Nathaniel. She can choose to listen to Nathaniel or to still climb the rock. =, A. of Quest Items You are impossible! Violette comes and lets you know you don’t have your uniform. His uncle helped to organize the orientation race and he decided to help, as well. Candy Candy episode 10 Candy Candy episode 12. =, C. You don’t look too excited though... -, B. =, A. But with the wind, it might not be worth it because it probably blew away...」, 「In the end this race wasn’t such a bad idea. You’d be much better at home!」, 「I’m teammates with Iris for the race, she seems really motivated!」, 「I’m so bad in math but my sense of direction is great, I’m sure I’m going to win the race!」, 「Ha ha! Your Candy asks them if they've seen Amber and they haven't, but Kim mentions she can't be far since no one has gotten past the second step yet. (stay with teammate), This episode was originally released on February 10, 2012 on. Candy Online Episode 11; ; One girl shows too much while doing a live broadcast. You will then find your favorite teacher! We should go see, maybe it’s someone! 1 Choose your partner… Lysander. She then mentions how she has to leave to go get her gym uniform on for the race so Kim won't get angry, and your Candy remembers she didn't buy a gym uniform. Download Candy Candy episode 11. They’re crazy! He then mentions how he has to get going since he doesn't want to be forced into participating in the orientation race, and your Candy is a little disappointed he isn't joining. Watched It I've Watched This. I don’t think I’m being any different than normal. Your Candy and whoever she sits with will banter until the bus arrives at their destination. After hearing Peggy talk about it, after handing out all the forms, putting up flyers on the walls and walking the halls to choose a partner, it’s finally the day of the race! 11 Episode 14 - Le vieil arbre au printemps. B. Your Candy and their teammate go back to Mr. Faraize and return the stamp to him, in which he is very grateful. While traveling in the woods, they first come across a pocket knife stuck in a log which is the object made by man. They finally make it on the correct path and make it through step one. While the horses and she appreciate each other and Candy is happy to sleep with Klint, Candy hopes to conceal the truth from Anthony, as well as from little orphan John and Sister Mary when they visit unexpectedly. ➜ Objective: Find the first check point. Boris is in Classroom B. ... 11 février 2021 sur CBS. =, A. As they look for it, they either find it themselves or Iris finds it for them. =, B. Oh yeah? Candy Candy Episode 11 [Remastered HD/HQ] - YouTube Candy Candy (Episode 11)"A Small Ribbon Connecting Hearts"Plot: When Mrs. Brighton and Annie come … They will give you hints about the areas where each object can be found during this part. 0 comments [Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_012_[36B712C9].mkv. Every team is then given a map of the forest to keep everyone on track and your Candy's teammate will volunteer to hold onto it. A. I would like to... but I already have a teammate... (team up with Dake), B. Here is an overview of the levels you’ll have to complete in episode 11 of Candy Crush Jelly Saga.The levels you have to complete are levels 201 – 220. From the makers of the legendary Candy Crush Saga comes Candy Crush Soda Saga! Once they find the 5 letters, they run into the other boys who have already found the letters, as well. Strangers with Candy episode 11 "Hello, I'm Jerri Blank and I'm a 46-year-old high school freshman. And you would not want me to go with someone other than you? Along the way she runs into Kim, who is looking for Violette because they're partners for the orientation race. Episode number Episode name Levels Release date Episode logo New features 61 891-905 1 April 2015 The principal then wishes everyone good luck before the race begins. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. What?! One of two maps will be given to you at random and there are three choices to make in total. 1 The kids participated in all sorts of summer activities, from boating to fishing, and usually something they did reminded John of an experience or story, which John would proceed to relate. He stamps both of their hands before they leave to start the second step. The question about the deer or the bear. What do you think that these confectionery teams will imagine? I have a high affinity with Lysander and i've played Episode 11 of MCL at least four times and i could never get the ending illustration. Your Candy finds Armin in the Gardening Club, where he's complaining that it's too light outside. I’m not cold. If you’re stuck on any of the levels, just click on the link and it’ll bring you to the correct article with the tips, images and video. I was scared you would be bored with me! They explain that there are letters carved into some of the trees and your Candy has to find all the letters and return to Dajan/Jade in order to tell them when the letters spell out. In fact, the new student I liked, you know, Alexy. =, A. Candy Crush Soda Saga episode 11 includes levels 136 - 150. No. Candy Crush Saga Episode 11. You have to admit, it was silly to ask that... -. What's Hot. Listen now to The Candy Show - Season 11, Episode 3 from The Candy Show on Chartable. He will ask you if you want to do the race with him. Alexy comes to see you to talk about what you did together (if you got the illustration from episode 10). -, A. Choose your partner… Lysander. My Candy Love (Package Name: is developed by Beemoov Games and the latest version of My Candy Love - Episode / Otome game 4.6.11 was updated on December 23, 2020. B. Ok, but you’d better tell us where the stamp is after! ➜ Objective: Find all the objects on the list and return to see Mr. Faraize. 0 comments [Diclonius]_Candy_Candy_011_[45B80010].mkv. I’m going to win! A. They also run into Iris, who is also looking for the same thing as the other girls. Finding a wife during a stopover is his top priority but his choice is known to Major Adams and he does not approve. She immediately runs into Alexy, who asks her if she did anymore shopping since the last time they went together. If you’re stuck on any of the levels, just click on the link and it’ll bring you to the correct article with the tips, images and video. And you? Your Candy can choose to accept the terms or tell Amber to find the last object herself. There are only leaves and insects here, we can’t find anything.」, 「It’s starting to get cold... Can you come closer to me? Placing such importance on such idiotic things...」, 「No, I must have dropped it on the way here...We can backtrack to try and find it? Once you get there, you have to get off the bus to unlock a new objective. They have lost the map and you will have to figure out the race without it. But now I'm out of jail, picking up my life exactly where I left off. +, A. Episode 12 - Chère Candy. Candy In My Ear Episode 11; My Ear's Candy Episode 11; Sweetheart In Your Ear; The new program has celebrities create bonds with strangers through conversations on the phone. Your Candy feels it's best to go confront Amber about it and they head off into the forest to find her. We will win it I’m sure! =, B. Oh, ok. He gives you a message to pass on to Armin. With Ward Bond, Robert Horton, Joan O'Brien, Jim Davis. Candy Candy This story is about a girl, Candy, who is a orphan. For 32 years I was a teenage runaway. ➜ Objective: Go find Armin to find out if he will be participating in the race or not. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. Castiel (Dake) It starts off with you coming back from episode 10. There are some seats in the back of the bus.」, 「I hope that everything will go smoothly...I have a few doubts about the race…I have never had a very good sense of direction...」, 「We’ll see how things will evolve, but I do not think we will succeed in winning anything.」, 「You just did, but you can ask another one if you’d like.」, 「I have waited to see if you would rather not participate with friends.」, 「It must have fallen when I meant to put it in my pocket. I’m having fun!」, 「With Lysander We had to team up both. Candy Stripes (part 3), Episode 11 of Set up in WEBTOON. Once you have found all the letters, return to see your friend at the beginning of step three. Once he leaves, Violette comments how Armin is nice and once your Candy mentions Alexy, Violette becomes shy. B. I would have loved to race Castiel yes... A. Wow! In the 2000s, Candy Candy episodes began to be sold on bootleg DVD format, as the legal lawsuits between the authors halted any production of licensed goods. Your Candy has the choice to sit with her partner or to sit with the girls. Your Candy then can choose to either stay still or to try and touch it. No. 1000 - 2000 A. Sorry, but I’m going to stay with the girls for the trip! Uh... Ok...(He is talking to me like I’m his dog... and I just obey... I’m an idiot), B. Either way, your Candy and her teammate see other students have arrived, and either Dajan or Jade shows up, depending on if she chose to be in the Gardening Club or the Basketball Club. After some banter, your Candy and her partner leave the boy they had just talked to and end up running into Dakota. With the help of her crush, Candy must navigate the way through the forest. Depending on what you say, your teammate will appreciate your choice. If your Candy was teammates with Lysander, he is sorry for suggesting they take a shortcut. Trailer Say... Do you want to go see a little further? Your Candy chose her partner in Episode 10 and will reply with the name of whichever boy she chose. It starts off with your Candy thinking about how today is the day of the orientation race. Dake then asks if your Candy wants to be his teammate, and your Candy can choose to stay with her current partner or be with Dake.