Nous vous rappelons qu'une adoption n'est pas un acte anodin. Il est super aimant. C'est un petit chien particulièrement bon et doux. Welcome to Lozzas Podenco Rescue – based in Hertfordshire A dedicated UK rescue to help the Forgotten Angels of Spain. Contact: Le podenco maneto andalou est un podenco venant d'Andalousie, il serait né dans les provinces de Cadix et de Malaga. They have many podencos waiting for a place in someone's heart. Hi,I’m back, I’m adopting a rescue from a sight hound charity. Such a gorgeous face and loving eyes. Il est dans la résidence depuis longtemps. He is active. Kety wags her tail but she is a little bit shy, Golfo and Oso are more affectionate. They have a podenco maneto. Mitchi une vraie bouille à bisous…Podenco Maneto de 10 mois à adopter via LSF 10 octobre 2020 10 octobre 2020 b.odile Coucou les amis, Je m’appelle Mitchi et je suis un p’tit Podenco maneto rigolo comme tout et plein de vie. Marly was in a sorry state when she was first rescued and dragged her legs. C’est bien normal à mon âge, j’aurai 10 mois le 28 octobre. The Galgo Rescue International Network (GRIN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization run entirely by volunteers that was founded to establish a relationship between the animal shelters in Spain and animal lovers in the United States and around the world. Small size, 35-40 cm to the shoulders. He is an affectionate boy once he knows you. Here's the link to his story. Marly. Il aime beaucoup les caresses. Voici un petit Podenco Maneto. Pre-Adoption Contact Form; Select Page. Contact SOS Animals UK if you would like to apply to adopt him. Il vous appelle! SOS Animals UK have a young one rescued from the street, waiting for his forever home. C'est une race non reconnue par la FCI, mais une race indigène reconnue par la Real Sociedad Canina de Espana, mais tardivement puisqu'en 2004! He's very gentle and affectionate and loves to roll over for a belly rub. Oso is a podenco maneto cross that a hunter didn't want anymore. Archives Dedicated to the welfare of the Spanish Galgo and Sighthounds worldwide. TACO is a 5-6 months old maneto-podenco,who currently weighs 9kg and is 29cm tall.Taco was found on the streets, he is a hunting dog but may have been abandoned as he wasn't any good at hunting.He’s currently in a foster home as he’s so young but needs his forever home,he is a lovely playful little dog.For more information please email adoptions… Breed: Podenco Colour: Brown Year of Birth: 2020 Arrival Date: 30/12/2020 Lucky is a very sweet little chocolate brown Podenco Maneto. He gets on with other dogs. Negative to leishmania. This sweet old lady desperately needs a loving home where she can live out her days in a warm loving home. Il fait tout son possible pour l'amour. Cela ne peut pas être plus doux, plus affectueux et plus gentil. The newbies Oso (maneto cross), Golfo and Kety are happy to be out at the playground! JUNE 2014. Dear old Marly who is 14 is a Podenco Maneto cross with long fur. ... Lévriers Infos Adoptions. Difficile de savoir son âge, mais des peintures du 19e le représentent. Les frais d'adoption sont de 310 €.. Ces frais visent à couvrir les sommes engagées par les refuges pour la préparation du chien et remplir les formalités en vue de son adoption… Elle se doit d'être mûrement réfléchie. Manetos make great family pets or companions, and he's small so doesn't need a lot of space. The Podenco Maneto is one of the lesser known type of podenco, one of the smaller guys. Regardez ses yeux, son besoin, son appel. More infos to … The plight of podencos in Spain is heartbreaking. Not tested with cats. I’ve read up on them but just wondered if anyone had any f